We believe in the power of short, independently produced films to inspire, entertain and affect the viewer's mind through great storytelling - which is why we started the Red Hook Film Festival, now in its third year.  Red Hook is a small community that opens its arms to invite filmmakers to join with them to watch a few evenings of great films.  It is an experience we enjoy and take pleasure in doing together.

The festival is produced for you, the filmmaker, as much as it is for the local community and we encourage filmmakers within a one hundred mile radius to submit to the festival event.  The deadline for submissions is TBA. We limit submissions to the one hundred mile area to not only acknowledge the large number of filmmakers working in the Hudson Valley and surrounding area but also to insure that the directors of all films in the festival have an opportunity to be here for the screening of their films.  We give a travel stipend to insure your participation.

We are a simple but surprisingly meaningful little film festival and we would like you to have the opportunity to take part in it.  You can find the full details in the PDF below.

Submit Your Film